Guidelines for awarding of post-nominals of the Australasian College of Pharmacy

The Constitution of the Australasian College of Pharmacy outlines high level criteria which describe membership categories and the entitlement to append post-nominals associated with a particular membership category.

The guidelines have been developed by the Academic Board and endorsed by the Board. The intent is to ensure rigour and provide greater clarity as to the requirements of the membership categories.

College members may apply to become elevated to an Associate Fellow or a Fellow of the College. The Board may also award Honorary Life Membership or elevate a member who has made an exceptional distinguished contribution to a Fellow Honoris Causa. 

Members ma
y apply by addressing the criteria outlined in the attached guidelines which include reference to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The location of AQF qualification types within the qualification structure may be noted in the AQF wheel.




Associate Fellow Status (AFACP):


Awarding of post-nominals for Associate Fellow requires ‘satisfaction of requirements for a member PLUS additional experience or qualifications which in the opinion of the Board are appropriate’.

Fellow (FACP):

Awarding of post-nominals for Fellow requires ‘a course of study or additional experience and satisfies other conditions that might be imposed from time to time’.


Honorary Life Member (MACP (HON)):

The member is required to demonstrate that 'the candidate has distinguished themselves in the advancement of the College in a manner consistent with the awarding of lifelong recognition’.

Fellow Honoris Causa (FACP (HC)):

The Fellow is required to have made ‘an exceptional distinguished contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy, the science of pharmacy OR who has aided or advanced any of the objects of the College in a manner consistent, in the opinion of the Board, with the awarding of recognition’.