The Australian College of Pharmacy welcomes people with a professional interest in the practice of pharmacy looking for ways to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and expertise throughout their professional lives. The College offers a broad range of quality educational activities. Our system is designed to assist members to comply with Pharmacy Board CPD requirements.

Review the range of benefits that membership of the College will entitle you to and select the category of membership that best describes your requirements and current situation.

Full Student Intern International Non-Member
Access to full CPD catalogue
CPD record – automatic recording
Complimentary CPD activities
Learning plan
Learning plan development support
Discounts to College events and programs
Discounts to accredited vocational training
Regular newsletter
Voting rights
Post nominals and opportunities for Fellowship
Annual subscription to Retail Pharmacy
Restricted to: Resides in Australia Enrolled in study of pharmacy
at an Australian University
Pharmacy graduate resident in Australia Resides outside Australia Resides in Australia
Fee: $374.00 No charge No charge $340.00 No charge
Full Student Intern International Non-Member
Note: The College also offers a corporate membership category that allows up to four pharmacists to join under a joint banner and access the full same benefits as a full member.  The application form for corporate membership can be downloaded from Corporate membership (pharmacy).