Member and CPD Card

Australian College of Pharmacy member and CPD card are for the exclusive use of members eligible at the time of service. This card can only be used in accordance with College conditions of use as outlined at

Conditions of Use

Member and CPD cards are issued to members of Australian College of Pharmacy who are financial members at time of issue. The card does not represent ongoing financial member status. The card remains the property of the College and must be returned upon request. Please present your card at any College event or event endorsed by the College to record CPD points. If lost, please advise the College on 02 6188 4320 or

Each Member and CPD card can only be used by the authorized person as named on the front of the card. Inappropriate use of the card may lead to the termination of membership with the College and deletion of recorded CPD points. Without prejudice to any other mode of proof, by completing a membership application form, a College member accepts these conditions of use as amended from time to time and agrees to be bound by them.

Australian College of Pharmacy will use its reasonable endeavors to transmit notices and other material relevant to a Member to advise of various matters of interest including changes to the CPD program. All College members are responsible for advising Australian College of Pharmacy of any change of address or email address.