Meet our Board Members

The Australian College of Pharmacy Board has nine members. Eight members are elected from the membership and one member is the Academic Board Chair.

As detailed in the Constitution of the Australian College of Pharmacy each Director holds office for three years commencing at the end AGM at which they were elected (or re-elected). Directors may be re-elected but may not service more than four terms consecutively.

When there is a vacancy, members are invited to consider whether they will nominate. The Board welcomes interest from persons of integrity, curiosity and courage, a genuine interest in the College and capacity to see the crux of issues quickly to nominate. Other highly desirable competencies include a level of financial literacy, and capacity to contribute to the formulation of strategy, experience in the pharmaceutical industry and IT or marketing skills.

If the number of nominees exceed the number of vacancies an election process (by secret ballot will ensue). As part of the election process, candidates may provide a policy statement. 

The next election process will occur in 2020.

The College aims to achieve high standards of corporate governance. The Board's role, powers and procedures are clearly stated in the College’s Policies, Instrument of Delegations and Code of Conduct.

Current Board members are:

Dr Treasure McGuire, PhD, BPharm, BSc, GradDipClinHospPharm, GCHEd, FACP, MPSA, MSHP

Treasure is an experienced medicines information pharmacist, pharmacologist, educator and researcher. As Assistant Director of Pharmacy, Mater Health Services she manages an Academic Practice Unit that delivers pharmacology curricula to five health disciplines across four universities. In her academic role, she has conjoint appointments with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University (Associate Professor of Pharmacology), School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland (Senior Conjoint Lecturer), and the Mater Research Institute.

Treasure has worked in a wide range of pharmacy practice settings – adult, paediatric, reproductive health, medicines information, poisoning and pharmacovigilance – in Australia, USA and the Netherlands. She has a strong belief that skilled pharmacists play a key role in the multidisciplinary team to improve Quality Use of Medicines. She is an active member of three key pharmacy organisations that represent pharmacists in the national arena: Australian College of Pharmacy (Fellow), Pharmaceutical Society of Australia; and Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia. She also represents the profession on the Australian Pharmacy Council Examining Committee; Academic Board, Australian College of Pharmacy; Clinical Advisory Committee to the Board, Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local; and Expert Panel, National Asthma Council. In recognition of her services to medicines information, she received the Lilly International Fellowship in Hospital Pharmacy and the Bowl of Hygeia of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

Vice President  
Sue Holzberger, BPharm, AACPA, MPS, MACP

Sue has been a pharmacist for over 30 years and a pharmacy owner manager for over 25 years. She currently also sits on the boards of the Asthma Foundation of Queensland and Diabetes Queensland. She has worked in education in the pharmacy departments of The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. Sue is committed to promote education for all pharmacists.

Director of Finance
Matthew Harris, CA, B.Bus, M.Comm, ACIS, FACP

Matthew is a partner at MSI Taylor Accountants and Business Advisors. He has over 20 years experience in community pharmacy. Matthew is a Fellow of the College and was involved in the development of the original business management course offered by the College antecedent the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management (AIPM). Matthew leads a team that works with a network of pharmaceutical industry professionals including major wholesalers, software providers, lawyers, finance providers, tax specialists, financial planners and insurance consultants to assist pharmacists in the management of a successful pharmacy business.

Executive Board Member
Carolyn Clementson BPharm, MPS, MACP

Carolyn Clementson is the Professional Services Pharmacist at the Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse Head Office. In that role, Carolyn is responsible for QCPP accreditation, implementation of government and patient funded professional services, professional practice and regulatory compliance for the group. She oversees the intern pharmacist recruitment for Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse and the delivery of their customised intern development program.  In addition to this, she holds ownership in a number of pharmacies trading under the Good Price banner.

Board Member 

Aaron D'Souza, BPharm, MACP

Aaron D'Souza is a community pharmacist, former pharmacy owner, business manager, accomplished speaker and industry leader who is passionate about driving the pharmacy profession forward. Aaron has received university awards and travel grants, has experience with government representation and has volunteered to promote HIV/AIDS education in Africa. He has played an important role in the development of pharmacy clinical service software and is now the General Manager of

Board Member 
Georgina Twomey, BPharm(Hons), MACP

Georgina Twomey is a community pharmacist, compounding pharmacist and pharmacy owner. She graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2005 where she also completed her honours project on The Contaminants of Illicit Methamphetamine. She was the inaugural recipient of the IMS Young Pharmacist Innovation Grant through ACP. Georgina is now based in Cairns and the compounding laboratory she manages services the Far North Queensland area. She works closely with GP’s, vet’s, dermatologists, gynaecologists and paediatricians to meet patients compounding needs. She is also completing her Diploma in Management through ACP.

Board Member
Professor Michael Roberts, BPharm, MSc, PhD, DSc, Dip Tert Ed, MBA, FACP

Mike Roberts is an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow; Professor of Therapeutics & Pharmaceutical Science in the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at the University of South Australia; and Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics in the School of Medicine; as well as being Director of the Therapeutics Research Centre (TRC). Mike has been a registered pharmacist since 1971 and has worked as a community pharmacy in three states of Australia and New Zealand as well as being actively involved in hospital practice.  He is also active in advice to government, being a member of the TGA Pharmaceutical Subcommittee and an APVMA Fellow in Nanoscience, as well as an adviser/speaker to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. He has published more than 500 peer reviewed papers and book chapters, as well as 6 books, with a new undergraduate pharmacy 800 page text co-authored by Gordon Flynn from the University of Michigan (USA) called “Physical and Biophysical Foundations of Pharmacy Practice: Issues in Drug Delivery” to appear in August.

Mike is well known as a strong supporter of pharmacy practice, introducing community pharmacy experiential training as part of the UTas BPharm program in the 70s; pharmacy management and advanced clinical pharmacy into the NZ Otago BPharm as its Professor and Head of School in the 80s; convening UQs Master of Clinical Pharmacy in the 90s; and becoming actively involved in the Australian College of Pharmacy in the 2000s. His awards include the old FAIPM (1987), ASCEPT’s RAND Medal, APSA Medal, Fellow of the College (FACP) in 2007 and one of the invited inaugural Fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (FAHMS).

Board Member 

Dr Desmond Williams, BPharm, PhD, FRACI, FAICD, FACP

Dr Des Williams is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, University of South Australia and an Honorary Research Pharmacist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Department of Clinical Pharmacology. He currently holds a number of advisory roles within regulatory pharmacy and pharmacy industry and peer reviewed pharmacy journals. Des aims to contribute to quality education and improvement in standards of pharmacy practice via his extensive experience and networks in education and assessment of adult education.

Board Member
Marina Holt BPharm, Dip Quality Auditing, Cert IV TAE

Marina is an experienced community pharmacist who has 13 years experience as a consultant and educator. Marina is passionate about advancing compounding through best practice via training, engagement and continuing professional development. As the Education and Training Manager at PCCA she conducts primary training and specialty compounding courses, as well as working closely with the University of Newcastle to introduce contemporary compounding into the pharmacy course. As an accredited education provider with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Marina also works closely with GPs to provide education about the ways in which compounding can offer improved patient outcomes. She holds a Diploma in Quality Auditing and works closely with regulators to improve their understanding of current practice issues and has recently participated as a member of QCPP Standards Review committee and the development of APF 24 .