The College

Who we are

The Australasian College of Pharmacy is a member-based professional body. From its earliest antecedent, the College has operated continuously since 1978. It is a company limited by shares.

A key objective of the Australasian College of Pharmacy is to develop and deliver educational, training and research programs and to contribute to the advancement of the profession.

We aim to be recognised as:

  • A key influencer in the creation of quality education and credentialing standards and systems and practices in Australia;
  • A key player in the delivery of education which is designed to ensure the standard of pharmacy practice is continually improved.

We are committed to:

  • operating with the highest level of professional integrity, making sound judgements and creating value for our members and supporters;
  • supporting our members to reach their professional and personal development goals;
  • delivering professional development responsive to market needs;
  • recognising the achievement of high standards of excellence; and
  • advancing the practice of pharmacy in Australia.

The College aims to achieve high standards of corporate governance. The College is governed by an eight member Board who are elected by College members. The Board's role, powers and procedures are clearly stated in the College‚Äôs Policies, Instrument of Delegations and Code of Conduct.