Corporate Membership Terms and Conditions

  • A Corporate Membership is limited to 3 pharmacists and 2 other staff or up to 4 pharmacists from the same physical pharmacy location. All staff must be owners/employees of that pharmacy business at the time the application is made. Membership cannot be shared across other pharmacy locations and businesses.
  • Corporate memberships of less than 5 people will be accepted. However no discount is available for a Corporate Membership of less than 5 people.
  • Corporate Members are treated as full members, and no discounts will apply for concessional or part time individuals. No refunds will be given to existing members who transfer to Corporate Membership. The existing members paid to date will be updated to the new Corporate Member paid thru date.
  • A Corporate Member has the same rights as a member except that the "Corporate Member" cannot exercise a vote. Only one person, the Corporate Member's designated nominee can vote for or be nominated and hold office as a member of the Board or any other College committee as long as the "Corporate Member" remains eligible as a member.
  • It is the responsibility of the Corporate Member to notify the College of any changes to contact details or individuals listed in the Corporate Membership.
  • The College reserves the right to check the eligibility of each individual listed as an owner or employed by the pharmacy business

IMPORTANT: Copyright to some material available only to members is owned by third parties. The College is able to allow members to access this material under agreements similar to those in place at University Libraries in Australia. Members may access this material for their own study for the purposes of CPD.Students enrolled in College programs have access to material specific to their course of study and do not have access to member material unless they are also a member.You may not copy any material for the purposes of distribution nor may you distribute any of this material. Doing so places you in breach of the Copyright Act 1968. Please note:

  • All College mailing will be sent to the mailing address you provide in your profile.
  • Date of birth is a useful tool to confirm identification and avoid the creation of duplicate records on our database. Your date of birth will be kept private, it is very beneficial for our administration.
  • Details of qualifications updated online will not appear on your customer profile for approximately 2 working days.