The Australasian College of Pharmacy has developed state of the art CPD technology which features:

  • A step by step (personalised) learning plan relating to area in which they practice
  • Month by month actions to achieve the CPD outcomes
  • A record of your assessment of whether your learning outcomes have been achieved
  • A place to gather evidence to be used for advance practice credentialing

Members may access these features within their ePortfolio which includes a step by step process to:

  • analyse your learning needs;
  • identify which competencies need to be addressed;
  • determine a method to achieve your learning objectives;
  • assess or reflect on whether the intended outcomes of the CPD activities have been achieved;  and
  • record and CPD undertaken in your CPD transcript.

Additional resources to assist you to plan and implement your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities and to comply with Pharmacy Board requirements include:

  • A CPD module  – Understanding and Developing a Learning Plan
  • Article - Post Initial Registration Framework to Guide Pharmacist Professional Development

Members can develop their plans by clicking on the Develop/Review my Learning Plan "tile" on the College website home page.

The College resource library also contains a service that is exclusive to College members; an opportunity to view important references and relevant industry material. 

Click here to access reference and industry material.