Rollover or Complete your 2016/17 Learning Plan

If you have a CPD Learning Plan you will know that your plan has:

  • An overall goal
  • A date range – some pharmacists have a plan for the 2016/17 CPD year while others have planned for 1 or 2 CPD years
  • A series of Learning Plan Entries: These are the specific learning objectives you have set for this plan.

The format of each Learning Plan Entry includes two dates:

  • Planned Completion date: When you think you will achieve this objective.
  • Actual Completed Date: When you actually achieve the objective.
The following information allows you to complete your 2016/17 CPD plan and commence a new CPD plan for 2017/18.

Before we begin you have to View (open) your existing CPD learning plan.

STEP 1 – Review each of your Learning Plan Entries (tiles)

For each learning plan entry do you think the learning objective will be relevant to the 2017/18 CPD year? (Hint - if your learning objective is very broad it is probably suitable to apply to more than one CPD year).

  • If YES, DO NOT add a “completed date” even if you have completed the CPD activities you planned for the 2016/17 year. This learning plan entry will roll over to 2017/18 if you leave the completed date blank.
  • If NO (i.e. you DO NOT require the objectives in your 2017/18 CPD plan) and you have completed the CPD activities attached that objective, add the date you completed the planned CPD to the Completed Date field and click Save.  If you are unsure when you completed the requirements of that entry, add 30/09/2017 as the “completed date” and click Save. If you put a date into this field, the learning plan entry status will switch from In progress to Completed.

Once the completed date field has been added the status bar on the Learning Plan Entry tile will include a tick and look like the entry in Figure 1:

Figure 1: A learning plan entry tile showing the completed tick. 

To recap:
You can keep the same Learning Plan Entries for the following CPD period even if you have finished all/some/none of the CPD activities you intended to do in the 2016/17 CPD year. If you want to include (roll over) a Learning Plan Entry in your 2017/18 CPD learning plan (as well as retain it in your 2016/17 CPD plan), do not fill in the Completed Date field. When you are happy with the status of all your Learning Plan entries, GO TO STEP 2a.

STEP 2a Rollover your plan

The Rollover functionality allows learners to take incomplete Learning Plan Entries (the Learning Entry ‘Date completed’ field is blank) from a current plan into a new plan. It also completes the current plan. Entries in the learning plan that are incomplete at the time of rollover are automatically added to your new learning plan.

The result of Rollover is a completed 2016/17 plan plus a new (In progress) 2017/18 plan.

The Rollover function saves you the time of recreating the learning plan entries for the 2017/18 CPD year, particularly if your learning needs have not changed. Of course you will still be able to edit/add to the new rolled over CPD plan. You will need to edit the Learning Plan Entries if your learning needs have changed, for example your role has changed.

Many pharmacists have created a two year plan as their first formal CPD plan - that’s OK - the Rollover function will still work and the result will be a 2016/17 plan plus a 2017/18 plan. Choose Rollover if you do not want to mark every learning plan entry as completed. That is, there are CPD activities related to the Learning Plan Entry you haven’t finished yet or if you wish to use the same learning objective in the 2017/18 CPD year.

Don’t Rollover until you are satisfied with your 2016/17 plan as you can’t edit the “old” plan once you have used the rollover function Once you are satisfied that your CPD/Learning Plan for the 2016/17 CPD year, is ready for “rollover”, use the “status bar” next to the date range at the top left of your plan to:

  • complete your 2016/17 CPD plan; and
  • start a new CPD plan for the following period. 

Before ‘Rollover’ as shown in Figure 2 the status of your existing plan will say ‘In progress’ (as you have chosen not to fill in the completed dates for all of your Learning Plan Entries). Click on the drop down menu of the status bar and change the status to Rollover.

Figure 2: Choose to either Complete your 2016/17 learning plan or to Rollover the plan into 2017/18.

Once you Rollover your plan  to the current CPD year you will need to add an overall goal for your 2017/18 CPD plan and choose a date range for your plan. You may add new Learning Plan Entries or edit existing entries. You will be able to view your old plan and your rolled over new plan under the ‘My learning plan and journal’ tab (Figure 3).

 Figure 3: View old and new plans under the ‘My learning plan and journal’ tab.

STEP 2b Complete your 2016/17 plan

If you have added completed dates for every Learning Plan Entry in your CPD plan and you just want to complete the plan and not roll it over, use the “status bar” next to the date range at the top of your plan to complete your 2016/17 CPD plan. Click on the drop down menu of the status bar and change the status to Complete. As may be noted in Figure 4 the status of your existing plan will say ‘completed’.

Figure 4: A completed 2016/17 learning plan

As the Board requires you to have an annual CPD plan, if you choose to complete your 2016/17 plan you will need to setup a “new” CPD plan for the 2017/18 year. The College staff will need to enrol you in a new plan for the next period before you can set it up.

STEP 3 – To print your 2016/17 plan or not?

Some pharmacists may wish to print their 2016/17 CPD learning plan. We suggest you defer this as the print functionality is still under development. Currently you may print your learning plan by using Cltr P on a PC or Command P on a Mac. Print quality will vary depending on which Internet browser is used. At this time printing a learning plan in Explorer works well however while printing using Chrome and Safari still works, there are some formatting issues.