Medication Management Review Stage One

Preparation for Stage 2 Accreditation by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP)

To be eligible for accreditation for the provision of a comprehensive medication review service to aged care facilities and in the home, pharmacists must complete two assessment stages. Stage 1 is a pre-qualification stage and Stage 2 requires the completion of an online assessment program consisting of multiple choice questions and case study assessments.

To meet training requirements, the Australian College of Pharmacy offers, by eLearning, an AACP recognised Stage 1 training program in the comprehensive medication review process.

Course Outline

The purpose of this course is to prepare candidates for the AACP Stage 2 assessment which ultimately leads to accreditation as a consultant pharmacist in Australia.

The course must be completed within 12 months of the materials being received, however, it is possible to complete within 3 months.

The course assessment involves completion of two practice case studies and two assessment questions. The learner will receive comprehensive feedback from an experienced accredited pharmacist. The feedback is intended to help the learner with the stage 2 course.


On completion of this course, the candidate should be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • establish rapport with patients, carers and health professionals;
  • complete a comprehensive patient history;
  • undertake a systematic medication review;
  • identify actual suspected or potential medication problems;
  • provide recommendations in objective writing style;
  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of various drug information sources;
  • provide relevant information to other health professionals;
  • educate patients on effective use of medications and devices; 
  • identify and address compliance issues; and
  • develop a care plan for the patient including appropriate patient specific outcomes and follow up procedures

The Course Content covers the following:

  • Overview of AACP medication review and associated processes.
  • Professional collaborative communication with health professionals.
  • Motivation and communication with patients and carers.
  • Privacy and social issues concerning medication reviews and their outcomes.
  • Medication review process in detail:
    • structure;          
    • collecting patient information;
    • identifying information gaps and providing solutions;
    • drug-related problems and their significance;
    • set out and reporting of recommendations and findings  for doctors; and
    • referencing of materials for Medication Reviews.
  • Clinical elements and background reading for medication review:
    • Disease State Management notes; and 
    • Medical information sources.
  • Medication Reviews: The Clinical Case studies.
  • Moving towards Stage 2 accreditation: Skill set accumulation and maintenance.

A selection of current clinical case studies will be provided for the candidates to gain further knowledge in this area. Two case studies will be assessed and returned to the candidate with suggestions about the style and content. Each candidate should be mindful that the case studies need to be answered in the format expected for Stage 2 assessment and that this involves a recognised structure as well as referencing of facts in the Vancouver style.

The completion of the course requirements will enable the candidate to proceed to the Stage 2 course of the AACP accreditation process.


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Medication Management Review - Stage One
MMR Stage One

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Accreditation Number: A1511MMR
This activity has been accredited for 12.5hrs of Group 1 CPD (or 12.5 Group 1 CPD Credits) and 12.5hrs of Group 2 CPD (or 25 Group 2 CPD Credits) suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan upon successful completion of relevant assessment activities.