Recognition and Credit

The Australasian College of Pharmacy recognises the skills, knowledge, experience and previous study of students enrolling into the courses offered by the College. This may include formal or informal learning, work experience or general life experience.

If you have previously completed a unit of competency during a course, you may receive direct credit for such by simply submitting a copy of your certificate and testamur to the College. If you think a unit you have completed is similar to one the college offers, your assessor may be able to award direct credit.

For persons who have no formal qualifications, but have experience in a pharmacy, retail or supervisor/manager’s position, recognition of this experience may be granted if the assessor is able to see evidence of your current competence. Recognition of your prior knowledge, skills and experience is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

You can apply for whole or partial recognition of any unit. Your College assessor will work with you to gather the required evidence for your RPL application. In the event that you are granted partial recognition for a unit, your assessor will develop an assessment project specifically for you and your work environment, to complete the remainder of the unit.


For persons wishing to apply for RPL, please contact the College for an RPL Kit. Recognition services have an application fee of $90 which covers 2 hours of your assessor’s time. Your College Assessor will advise you of the outcome of your application and then provide options for completing the course. One of the following options may apply:

  • After reviewing your application, your assessor may advise you that a significant amount of RPL applied for is able to be granted, and will quote for completion of the recognition service, any further training requirements and issuance of qualification
  • If some RPL is granted, the applicant will incur the enrolment fee and course administration fee, and the tuition fees will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis for any training required to complete the qualification
  • If little or no RPL is granted, you may enrol in the full qualification and the RPL fee will be credited towards our enrolment fee