Diploma Qualifications

The College offers Diploma level qualifications in:
  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Resources Management

Diploma level programs are an ideal qualification for those who have been working at (or towards) a supervisory or managerial level and wish to gain skills to further advance their careers. Each of these diploma qualifications have a mix of core and elective units of competency.  The elective units allow you the opportunity to tailor the course to suit the needs and you and your workplace.

The College’s courses are self-paced and delivered by online / distance education, so you can enrol at any time and study at a time and place that suits you. 

If you are unsure if you can commit to a full qualification, or would like to learn something specific, why not look at our Single Unit Study. If you decide to complete the full qualification at a later date you may receive credit for the units you have already completed*.

Completion of a Diploma program provides eligibility to apply for Associate Fellowship with the College.

 Qualification Code  Qualification  Member Fees
 Payment Schedule Non-Member Fees  Non-Member Payment Schedule
 BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management
First instalment $1,500.00, 2 instalments of $750.00  $5,329.00
First instalment $1,500.00, 1 installment of $1,277.00 and 2 instalments of $1,276.00
 BSB50618 Diploma of Human Resources Management
First instalment $1,500.00, 2 instalments of $750.00
First instalment $1,500.00 and 2 instalments of $1374.50
 BSB61015 Advance Diploma of Leadership and Management   $3,000 First installment $1,500.00, 2 installments of $750.00
 $7,249.00 First installment $1,500.00 and 4 installments of $1,437.25

In accordance with our policy, students are not required to pay their full course fees upfront. Your first instalment is due upon registration and the remainder will be invoiced in separate instalments at specific points during your course. Payment terms are 30 days. Pharmacies/businesses that are funding their employees training may pay the full course cost upfront if this better suits. Please consider the refund policy  before doing so.

Nationally recognised training delivered by the College is not subject to GST.

NOTE – your membership must be current to receive the reduced member’s rate on all installments.

*Subject to currency/demonstration of ongoing competence and within the set packaging rules of the individual qualifications.  Email info@acp.edu.au for further details.