New Year Pharmacy Publication CPD

Happy New Year to all College members!!
The Jan/Feb editions of the Retail Pharmacy magazine and the AJP are expected to arrive in your letter box around the middle of January.

The Retail Pharmacy magazine contains CPD articles on respiratory health including croup, cystic fibrosis and sleep apnoea.

The AJP features an article on magnesium and omega-3s in cardiovascular disease.

January also sees the release of the latest AJP hear this podcast featuring tobacco treatment specialist Lyn Baucia discussing quit smoking approaches and myths with Dr Brett MacFarlane.


CPD business chunks

Want to improve your management potential but don't want to bite off more than you can chew?

Use our CPD ‘chunks’ to master one unit at a time and build up to an Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management.

CPD activities include:
Enrol in the CPD activities separately or group them together in larger activities like:
Find out more about the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB 61015).


Rollover your
CPD Learning Plan

Now the 2015/16 CPD year is over, College members may like to rollover their 2015/16 CPD Learning Plan into a 2016/17 Learning Plan.

Rolling your plan over is simple and automatically sets you up for a new CPD Learning Plan for 2016/17, while keeping a copy of your 2015/16 plan.

Then all you need to do is update your new plan, add to it and you're away.

Members can download a PDF of the guide for rolling over your CPD Learning Plan below.

Design a CPD learning plan. For fullscreen view click on YouTube in the bottom right after playing.