Can't find the hard copy of your AJP or Retail Pharmacy magazine?

Did you know that even if you cannot find your hard copy of AJP or Retail Pharmacy there are still ways to view the CPD articles so that you can review the CPD activity before undertaking the assessments on the College’s website?

For all Retail Pharmacy CPD activities listed in The College CPD Catalogue, that is all articles from the last 2 years, a PDF version of each article can be found in the same spot that you launch the assessment from when you submit your answers.  This way if you see an older Retail Pharmacy article title in our catalogue, rather than having to go rummaging to find the hard copy of the magazine, you can simply  click to open the PDF.

Similarly, all back issues of AJP can be accessed at AJP Online.  You need to register to access back issues of AJP at AJP Online, but it is FREE. 

Once you have registered with AJP Online, you will be able to see the current month’s issue of AJP.   To look at back issues simply select “Browse Issues” from the bottom of page toolbar and the next screen will show all years and all issues of AJP.  Simply open the issue you are after then page through each page of the magazine to find the CPD activity you are looking for.

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A broad range of CPD is available in February 2018

This month we have a broad range of CPD covering both clinical and management competency Domains. 

Retail Pharmacy CPD activities focus on smoking cessation. Certified smoking-cessation specialist and pharmacist Lyn Baucia's discusses motivating committed smokers to quit, including the five A’s of the brief intervention model for approaching smokers about smoking cessation.  A second activity discusses the pharmacotherapy agents used in smoking cessation.   Associate Professor Beata Bajorek's article discusses the reasons why people smoke  and the reasons why people should stop smoking.

Shannon Kerr and Andrew Biady  outline what delegation is, and the benefits of delegation in a CPD activity entitled: Breaking the curse of being ‘too busy’ – a practical guide to delegation for pharmacy managers.

 AJP CPD activities include an update by  Associate Professor Louis Roller and Dr Jenny Gowan  on dermatitis and its treatment. The activity covers the different types of dermatitis and the level of severity of the condition, optimal use of the medications used to manage dermatitis.

Debbie Rigby discusses the benefits and harms of pain management with gabapentinoids. The different classifications of pain as well as the place of gabapentinoids in therapy for chronic pain are discussed.

Karalyn Huxhagen discusses the pharmacists role in deprescribing including barriers and factors involved in deprescribing, the importance of health literacy in achieving deprescribing and how deprescribing is a component of a comprehensive medical assessment.

Patricia Ullmann's discusses factors that affect the expiry dates for compounded products, resources used to give guidance on assigning expiry dates as well as the processes and properties that verify the quality of non-sterile compounded products in an activity entitled: Assigning expiry dates to compounded medications. 


 Using pharmacist competencies in your 2017/18 Learning Plan

The College recommends that members use the 2016 Pharmacist Competencies when designing their learning plan for the 2017-18 CPD year. 

The structure of the new competencies has changed from the previous 2010 version.

The 2016 competencies have a greater emphasis on pharmacists as leaders, communication skills and their role in improving patient health literacy.

The College maps new CPD activities to both the 2010 and the 2016 competencies as part of our CPD accreditation process.

The 2016 competencies can be found here

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