The new Learning Management System includes innovations such as an ePortfolio which will allow you to collect evidence that you may need as part of your ongoing pharmacist registration process.

There are over 110 courses available at the time of launch. The new system has a range of interactive eLearning modules. eLearning is a more engaging way to learn.


In additional to the latest CPD from Pharmacy Publications, the new learning management system features 15 new eLearning modules. Topics include:
  • e-cigarettes;
  • Monoclonal antibodies;
  • Drugs in lactation;
  • Insomnia - OTC management;
  • Topical corticosteroids; and
  • a range of management and business topics.


Service Skills Australia recently reported that in 5 years, employment of pharmacy assistants is projected to grow by 6.4%. Currently the gross annual replacement rate for pharmacy staff is 21.4% annually. Recruiting and training new staff costs time and money. A more cost effective solution is to retain and develop existing employees. You can develop staff management skills with an Advanced Diploma of Management. 

Access the College CPD Library to view appropriate learning activities.