Check out our complementary clinical eLearning modules

The College has a collection of great complementary clinical eLearning modules available to all pharmacists.

Members already have full access to these modules and can incorporate them into their learning plans.

Pharmacists who are not yet members can access these modules free of charge by registering here.

Improving the injection experience for patients using insulin

Preventing and treating post-herpetic neuralgia

Scars: Identification and treatment

Stretch marks: Identification and treatment

And don't forget our new modules on cancer medicines (see right).


The role of community pharmacy in supporting patients using cancer medicines

Cancer medicines are being supplied through community pharmacies more and more.

It is important for pharmacists supplying cancer medicines to improve their knowledge and skills in this area, in order to provide an optimal service to patients.

The College has secure members access to comprehensive training on cancer medicines developed by eviQ.

All 6 modules can be completed as a course of study here

Or as individual modules:
1. General principles in cancer treatment
2. Oral anticancer medicines prescriptions and protocols
3. Handling oral anticancer medicines and related waste
4. Adverse effects and supportive therapies
5. Drug Interactions
6. Patient education in cancer treatment


 Using pharmacist competencies in your 2017/18 Learning Plan

The College recommends that members use the 2016 Pharmacist Competencies when designing their learning plan for the 2017-18 CPD year. 

The structure of the new competencies has changed from the previous 2010 version.

The 2016 competencies have a greater emphasis on pharmacists as leaders, communication skills and their role in improving patient health literacy.

The College has commenced mapping our new CPD activities to the 2016 competencies as part of our CPD accreditation process.

The 2016 competencies can be found here

Design a CPD learning plan. For fullscreen view click on YouTube in the bottom right after playing.