Members first.

Over 40 years, the Australian College of Pharmacy has built an industry leading reputation of excellence in pharmacist education.

We have achieved this through the dedication of our people and the unfailing support of our members.

Pharmacist education is our main reason for being.

Our members want to belong to the College because of the quality of our education and the personalised service we provide to them.

The College will always place the needs of our members at the very top of our reasons for doing what we do.

President of the College, Georgina Twomey, cordially invites all pharmacists and people working in the pharmaceutical industry to join the College, and experience the benefits of belonging to a truly member focused organisation.



A broad range of CPD is available in May 2018

Did you know that we host the CPD questions for the iTK magazine from August 2017 onward? A PDF for each article is included, so you don’t need to have the magazine itself.

The February/March 2018 issue has an excellent article by College GM Jenny Bergin, titled: "How to be Pharmacy Board ready"

Other titles include: "The art of selling" ; "Designing a business model in the face of change" ; "Creating a quality culture" ; "The business of pharmacy - Are you ready?" ; and “Perspectives on coaching and mentoring: key skills for pharmacy managers and preceptors”

The May edition of Retail Pharmacy magazine has a Parkinson’s disease theme.

College Pharmacist Project Officer Oscar James-Hassall's article is titled: “Pathophysiology of Parkinson’s Disease". Other titles include "Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease" and "Parkinson’s management: case studies and pharmacotherapy".

The Business and People Builders article is : “Partnering with your local GP network for increased patient care and retention”.

The AJP has an article by pharmacist Anne Develin titled: “An introduction to motivational interviewing” . As well as “Stopping medicines abruptly: safe or not?” , “Winter is coming: managing chilblains in community pharmacy” and “The role of calcium and vitamin D in optimising healthy musculoskeletal ageing” by Professor Robin Daly.

We are hosting the CPD questions for an article on fibromyalgia that only appears on the AJP website. Read the article online and submit your answers on the College system.


 Using pharmacist competencies in your 2017/18 Learning Plan

The College recommends that members use the 2016 Pharmacist Competencies when designing their learning plan for the 2017-18 CPD year. 

The structure of the new competencies has changed from the previous 2010 version.

The 2016 competencies have a greater emphasis on pharmacists as leaders, communication skills and their role in improving patient health literacy.

The College maps new CPD activities to both the 2010 and the 2016 competencies as part of our CPD accreditation process.

The 2016 competencies can be found here

Design a CPD learning plan. For fullscreen view click on YouTube in the bottom right after playing.