In May 2016, the College and AJP launched the first in a new series of audible CPD activities titled 'Hear This'.

The first activity entitled, 'Hear This: Drugs in lactation', is an interview with Dr Treasure McGuire that looks at the issues about breastfeeding and lactation. 

Coming soon - the July edition of AJP will feature 'Medicines in Dental Care', an interview with Dr Geraldine Moses that looks at the role of pharmacists in helping people of all ages care for their teeth.

Community Pharmacy takes appropriate action in serotonin syndrome

Research recently published in the journal Pharmacy Practice (Granada) by the Australian College of Pharmacy and University of Tasmania demonstrates that Australian pharmacists recommend appropriate action to minimise the health impact of serotonin syndrome.

The research conducted was part of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s mystery shopper program found that pharmacists took direct action to minimise the harm to the patient by either advising to cease the causative agent (tramadol) or referring the patient to a doctor for assessment. Of the pharmacists who correctly identified serotonin syndrome 94% advised the patient to cease tramadol immediately and rarely sold non-prescription medicines to control the symptoms. 

Manager of Education and Research at the College Dr Brett MacFarlane said,” While evidence from this study indicates that community pharmacists’ take appropriate action in management of serotonin syndrome, there is an opportunity to heighten their awareness of the signs and symptoms of the syndrome”.


iCPD has arrived! 
The first in a new CPD series called iCPD was launched recently. iCPD is a brief CPD topic snapshot presented in an exciting multimedia format ideal for visual and auditory learners. The first snapshot is entitled 'Get the facts about chronic hepatitis C and its treatment'. You can access the iCPD file from the itK website ( or this link to the College learning system. 

Post-herpetic neuralgia
This brand new eLearning module is designed to give pharmacists a comprehensive understanding of the prevention and treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia suitable for their practice. To access this module:
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Emotional Intelligence
Recently new CPD which has been added includes a new eLearning module on emotional intelligence. Did you know that thinking and technical competence account for 30 per cent and intelligence quotient (IQ) for less than six per cent of a person’s job success? By comparison, emotional intelligence (EQ) accounts for:
  • 15-45 per cent of a person’s success at work;
  • as much as 85 per cent for leaders’ success at work; and
  • up to 70 per cent of an individual’s performance.
Therefore, EQ is important to your life and career success.


Did you know that the Pharmacy Board of Australia requires you to plan, do, record, reflect on your continuing professional development. From 1 December 2015, pharmacists are required to have a CPD plan.

A CPD plan requires you to know what direction you need to take in your professional development and helps you get there. Don't chase CPD butterflies! Get the most out of your CPD professionally and for your patients.

Watch our Alice in CPD Blunderland video below to see why you need a direction for your CPD.
Plan your CPD with the College. Click here to watch our brief step-by-step guide to developing your CPD learning plan.